[thelist] OT Excel question

Geoff Sheridan evolt at premonition.co.uk
Wed Apr 7 13:15:08 CDT 2004

Forgive me - I spend all day in XPress, Photoshop or BBEdit and 
haven't much of a clue about Office Apps.

I am setting up Excel spreadsheets for my accounts.
A lot of information has to be repeated in both 'sales' and 'bankings' sheets.

I have discovered Links so that in the banking sheet
Will copy info from A7 in the Sales sheet.

But I'd like to copy various cells from the sales sheet.
I don't need every column copied.
They need to be re-ordered - the sale in row 12 might be paid before 
the sale in row 8:

=Sales!A7	=Sales!E7	=Sales!G7
=Sales!A12	=Sales!E12	=Sales!G12
=Sales!A8	=Sales!E8	=Sales!G8

... so really I need to replace the row numbers (7,12 and 8 in the 
example) with a variable which persists across the row, so they fill 
in automagically. Any ideas?

<tip type="dirty type in photoshop" author="geoff sheridan">
Make any type dirty, quickly. If you apply the spatter filter to a 
type layer in photoshop, the result is rubbish. (It spatters only 
inside the text.) SO: fill a layer under the type layer with white, 
select the type layer and 'merge down' in the layers palate. Then 
apply the spatter effect. Sorted. Lose the white by setting the layer 
blending properties to 'multiply'.</tip>

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East London, UK

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