[thelist] OT Excel question

Steve Lewis nepolon at worlddomination.net
Wed Apr 7 13:50:35 CDT 2004

Geoff Sheridan wrote:
> But I'd like to copy various cells from the sales sheet.
> I don't need every column copied.

> They need to be re-ordered - the sale in row 12 might be paid before the 
> sale in row 8:
Sorry Geoff,

I am not following you.  Can you provide a little more clarity?  I get 
the impression you want to just do a lookup.  Secondly, I suspect that 
they don't need to be reordered, they need to be order-independent.

It would help if you gave us some idea what type of data you have in 
columns A, E, and G.  Better yet, if you don't have sensitive data in 
the spreadsheet, shoot it over my way off-list in an email.

> =Sales!A7    =Sales!E7    =Sales!G7
> =Sales!A12    =Sales!E12    =Sales!G12
> =Sales!A8    =Sales!E8    =Sales!G8
> ... so really I need to replace the row numbers (7,12 and 8 in the 
> example) with a variable which persists across the row, so they fill in 
> automagically. Any ideas?

If I understand you at all, it can be done easily enough; the only 
question is how /best/ to do it.  That can be answered with some 
clarification and corrections to my assumptions.


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