[thelist] ASP to populate .js file?

Stephen Caudill SCaudill at municode.com
Wed Apr 7 14:31:18 CDT 2004

--------------- Ken Schaefer wrote: --------------- 
: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
:: The original post asked for a way to have ASP in a .js file
:: which insinuates that a separate (JS) file is a necessity.  IMO,
:: this is bad from the get go in every scenario I can envision.
: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
: Why?

Because from the description in the original post, it sounds like
he is building core functionality for the site utilizing client-
side scripting.  Being a standards advocate, I think this is bad.
If you can't do something any other way than on the client-side,
then you should rethink your strategy as to offer equal access to 
any client, not relying on its capabilities or lack thereof.  


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