[thelist] ASP to populate .js file?

Maximillian Schwanekamp anaxamaxan at neptunewebworks.com
Wed Apr 7 15:40:09 CDT 2004

>: What is "non-standard" about using client-side scripting to power
>: a drop-down menu?

>Any time you create something within a site that
>is integral to its use that is dependant on client-side scripting,
>it is inaccessible and IN MY OPINION is WRONG.

Of course standards and accessibility are important.  I agree that using JS
for integral functionality is wrong.  However, our now-silent thread
initiator (Christian) did not IMO seem to say that he was doing that.  He
just wanted to populate a drop-down menu from database records.  That does
not necessarily imply a lack of NOSCRIPT or of regular site navigation to
accomplish the same tasks in an accessible way.  Client-side scripting is
not necessarily evil!  If we assume that Christian is reasonably standards-
and WAI-aware, then the question seems simpler.  The alternatives seem to be
repeatedly accessing the server file system, or having an ASP script to feed
the browser JS as a cacheable external file.  My vote is for the latter -
*with* the recommendation that said script should not be integral to site

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