[thelist] CMS suggestions needed - Stay Nuke Free!

Stuart Young syoung at unitec.ac.nz
Wed Apr 7 19:46:27 CDT 2004

merlene said:

> I've never really used cms but I know there are several such as
> php-nuke, etc.
> Any suggestions would be welcome!

Stay away from the Nukes - the code is terrible - they are basically a cobbled togther mess of bits built on bits that are very time-consuming to hack and you keep coming up against things that you can't change. For example the code mixes layout/presentation with logic, there is no commenting or documentation of the code, no consistency in coding approach, and it outputs VERY invalid HTML.

Another vote for Drupal from me. I like Drupal because:
* you have complete control over the structure/IA of the site by editing the taxonomy. PHP-Nuke for example, a article can only be in one topic and no sub-topics are possible. In Drupal you can have any hierarchy/tree structure you want with multiple levels of sub-sub-sub-topics, and a topic can be a child of multiple parents.
* all sorts of content are supported, you can enable or disable: static pages, news articles (i.e. Slash format), blogs, wikis, and books (a wiki with multiple pages - can reorder the pages)
* it has workflow (content approval process) and revision history (can revert back to previous versions of content)
* it has excellent roles/permissions management

You can try out all the open source PHP/MySQL CMS before you install at:

or check out the international association for Open Source Content Management:


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