[thelist] hide part of url string

Shawn K. Quinn skquinn at xevious.kicks-ass.net
Thu Apr 8 00:09:00 CDT 2004

On Wednesday 2004 April 07 22:30, Justin Zachan wrote:
> Hi there. I want to be able to hide part of the url string. Can this
> be done?
> I am running a flash detection script on the index page that then
> forwards the user to main.htm (or another page if they do not have
> flash). I basically want the url to show the main page i.e.
> www.website.com <http://www.website.com/>  rather than
> www.website.com/main.htm.
> Can this be done easily??

Not using current, non-obsolete HTML.

Why would you want to hide part of the URL? This can only serve to 
confuse and disorient the user.

Shawn K. Quinn

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