[thelist] [QuickTime] Trouble streaming an MP4

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 8 09:08:04 CDT 2004

Not sure if there are any QT people out there but I'll give this a
shot. I have a site hosted with MediaTemple, where I have Darwin QT
Streaming Server available to me. They give you a sample page with a
working movie[1].

Supposedly Darwin streams MP4's as well. I took an MP3, opened it in
QuickTime Pro and saved it out as an MP4, uploaded to my server. Best
I can understand, you tell your 'reference file' about each file you
want to stream (its just a text config file) like so:

rtsptext rtsp://server...etc/TestForEcho.mp4
// other lines with other files

That's the best I can glean from the page MediaTemple provided me. I
tried the Apple QT web site for information and I wanted to stab
myself in both eyes it was so confusing.

In any event, the file will not stream nor play. Trying to hit the
file directly with a link tells me the file isn't there. Using the
embedded qt controller like so:

width="242" height="199" autoplay="false" loop="false"
controller="true" bgcolor="#666666"

If I understand this correct, QT embeds the REFERENCE movie which has
the links to the file you want to stream. When I click play trying it
this way, I get an error message which seems to be "415 Unsupported
Media Type" - you can't read the whole message (which is stupid) but
that's my best guess. You can see this in action at:


Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!


[1] http://www.crossandthrone.com/.samples/qt/sample.html

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