[thelist] [QuickTime] Trouble streaming an MP4

J.D. Welch so.there at showtunepink.com
Thu Apr 8 11:45:29 CDT 2004

on 8 Apr Tom Dell'Aringa wrote:

TD >Supposedly Darwin streams MP4's as well. I took an MP3, opened it in
TD >QuickTime Pro and saved it out as an MP4, uploaded to my server. Best
TD >I can understand, you tell your 'reference file' about each file you
TD >want to stream (its just a text config file) like so:

it does (i've gotten it to stream mp4 files created in final cut), so
i'm not sure what you've created is a reasonable MP4 file, since:

TD >When I click play trying it
TD >this way, I get an error message which seems to be "415 Unsupported
TD >Media Type" - you can't read the whole message (which is stupid) but
TD >that's my best guess. You can see this in action at:
TD >http://www.crossandthrone.com/.samples/qt/sample2.html

that's the error i get when inputting the rtsp:// url into QuickTime
Player (where you can read the whole thing). VLC throws a similar

TD >Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!

it seems that the error is accurate, since references to sample.mov,
called in the same way with the rtsptext bit, work. i think the problem
is in the MP4 file itself. have you tried serving the original MP3?
quicktime streaming server likes that format as well, and i'm not sure
the need for MP4 if it's an audio-only file.  anyway, can you make
TestForEcho.mp4 available via http so we can have a look at it? it
doesn't seem to live at
http://www.crossandthrone.com/.samples/qt/TestForEcho.mp4 like i would


livedotcom: describeURL failed (cannot handle DESCRIBE response:
RTSP/1.0 415 Unsupported Media Type)

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