[thelist] MySQL query: not like a, b, c,...

Mike evolt at muinar.com
Fri Apr 9 03:40:09 CDT 2004

At 22:11 08.04.2004 -0400, you wrote:

>Not an MySQL guru, but (without the specific error text this is tough)
>perhaps the logical operator is out of order?
>user NOT LIKE 'z%'
>! user LIKE 'z%'

Hi Joshua

Exactly, that was it. It works with:
$query = "select * from otn_user where
user not like 'a%' and
user not like 'b%' and...

This throws an error:
$query = "select * from otn_user where
user ! like 'a%' and
user ! like 'b%' and...

And this seems to be another logic, it gives no results (no error either):
$query = "select * from otn_user where
! user like 'a%' and
! user like 'b%' and...

I can't see the difference of ! and NOT in the MySQL tutorial: 

Does anyone know the difference? Has it to do with the combination
of AND with ! maybe?

Always eager to learn...


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