[thelist] php/div question...

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 9 11:19:34 CDT 2004


a php question.....

i'm trying to figure out how to create a quick/sample app that will show how
to set up a few buttons/links that can change colors. ideally, i'd like to
be able to have a few pages, and have the buttons/links at the top of the

if i select a button/link i'd like to be able to change the color of the
button/link, such that when i go to another page, the link/button maintains
the color.


     button/link1      button/link2

     "link to change button1"

     "link to page1"  "link to page2"

     button/link1      button/link2

     "link to change button2"

     "link to page1"  "link to page2"

if the user selects the "link to change button1" on page 1, the color
bounces between two colors. if the user changes the color in page1, and then
selects the link to goto page2, page2 will show the button/link1 with the
changed color....

hope this makes sense.... i'm just looking for a really simple/basic way of
doing this...

thanks for any pointers/assistance...



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