[thelist] Theory Question: Client Side or Server Side

Casey Crookston casey at thecrookstons.com
Fri Apr 9 13:04:45 CDT 2004

Hi, and thanks.

Client: Company who makes gas-station car wash chemicals, and ads for gas
stations to display to drive customers to the wash.

Project: Create a one page order page for customers to order printed display
adds.  No database backend ('cause it would cost more), no shopping cart, no
credit cards or on-line payment.  An in-process mock-up can be seen at:

There is still MUCHO work to be done on this page, but for now I'm only
worried about one question: When a customer changes the quantity of any
given product, the price next to that quantity also changes.  Then, at the
bottom of the page, a total is diaplayed.  Again, keep in mind that this
must be contained on one page w/o a database.

My question is this:  Would this functionality best be done client side with
java-script, or server side?  Thoughts?

Many thanks,


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