[thelist] Interface Q for the group...

jsWalter jsWalter at torres.ws
Sat Apr 10 01:39:26 CDT 2004

I have 3 options for a user to select from.

And only 1 of them can be selected at a time.

Yes, Radio Button is how that works, but!...

They need to be able to select NONE of them as well.

So, they can select ZERO or ONE of the three options.

Now, I have some code (thx Alex) that will make CHECKBOXes act like RADIO
buttons. But with the added "feature" of "turning off" an option as well as
limiting your selection to only one of them.

My question is this...

Should I use RADIO buttons anyway, since that is the behavior I want, and
then add JS code to allow a RB to be "turned off" as well? Yes, this changes
the paradigm of RADIO buttons.

Or use the code that make CHECKBOXes act like RADIO buttons, which again,
changes the paradigm.

Any thoughts on this?



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