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Mark Groen mark at markgroen.com
Sat Apr 10 09:38:56 CDT 2004

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From: "Adrian Gonzales"
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> Does =
> anyone know of
> a tutorial or refrence or just how to create your own markup language
> that you
> can parse out
> looking to do
> in ColdFusion, but any reference will help

Not quite sure what you are asking but here's two approaches:

You mean like what is done with xml? If so then start here:
http://www.w3schools.com/xml/ or here for less of a general start:

Of course you could also study a few CMS's that do something like the
parsing you speak of. Textpattern (my latest favourite), MT, (and maybe
all of them) use their native language to create and make use of
proprietary "tags" that are functions to ease layout customization.
Don't know of a tute to do that really, kind of depends on what
functions your mark-up needs to do then your skills in language of
choice to create same.




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