[thelist] Theory Question: Client Side or Server Side

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 10 10:06:41 CDT 2004

--- "Shawn K. Quinn" <skquinn at xevious.kicks-ass.net> wrote:

> Version 3 of what? (Hint: one of today's browsers is only at
> version  1.6, and another is at version 2.9)

I think you know what version 3 I'm talking about. :)

> You're assuming Javascript is always present and enabled for that
> site, and often it is not.

No, I'm not, but see my other post. Again, always check your server
logs to see what your users are doing.

Also, I think people that intentionally turn off JS realize they are
gimping their browsing experience. While you want to do what you can
to accomidate them if possible, I won't make my application less
usable for the the 99.9% to cater to the .1%


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