[thelist] Theory Question: Client Side or Server Side

Scott Brady evolt at ncsli.org
Sat Apr 10 10:25:14 CDT 2004

Tom Dell'Aringa wrote:

>Also, I think people that intentionally turn off JS realize they are
>gimping their browsing experience. While you want to do what you can
>to accomidate them if possible, I won't make my application less
>usable for the the 99.9% to cater to the .1%

What about the people who have no choice about whether JS is turned on 
or not?  I don't know that it's still the case, but at least recently, 
the US Navy required JS to be turned off on their browsers.

Assuming that for budgetary reasons, you have to choose between only 
server-side and only client-side. That gives you the choice of making it 
so that 100% of your users will have functionality but requiring a 
server trip or not requiring a server trip but having it not work AT ALL 
for some percentage of your users.


Scott Brady

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