[thelist] Transparent .ico with Graphic Converter? (AGAIN)

Mike Hopkins ironmike at inav.net
Sun Apr 11 02:14:29 CDT 2004

Lemke GC is a Macintosh program, isn't it?
I didn't realize you are a Mac user. IrfanView
is a windows only program AFAIK.

Did you <really> have to pay US$10 just to
get the manual for Lemke Graphic Converter?

Maybe you could email the ico file to a windows
machine and use IrfanView from there.

Mike Hopkins

>From: "Mike Hopkins" <ironmike at inav.net>

> The freeware IrfanView will save transparencies from at
> least jpg's to ico's.
> Probably other formats as well ( I only tried jpg -->
> IrfanView is available from:  http://www.irfanview.com/

>> ----- Original Message ----- 
>> From: "Diane Soini" <dianesoini at earthlink.net>
> > Anybody know if or how to make a windows icon (.ico)
>> Lemke Graphic
> > Converter that has transparency? I find the software a

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