[thelist] RegEx presentation

Michael Dinowitz mdinowit at houseoffusion.com
Sun Apr 11 13:14:35 CDT 2004

For those interested, I'll be giving a 'master class' on ColdFusion Regular
Expressions at the NYCFUG on April 20th (www.nycfug.org). It'll cover just about
everything in RegEx as they are used in ColdFusion MX. The information may also
be of use to those who are using RegEx in other places.
There is no fee for coming but we request people sign up in advance so we can
get a number for handouts and donuts (if we have a sponsor). We're also getting
our hands on some RegEx books for give aways. This includes the new RegEx in 10
minutes by Ben Forta (which I tech edited).

Michael Dinowitz
Finding technical solutions to the problems you didn't know you had yet

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