[thelist] Q on SQL 'ORDER BY' - part 3

jsWalter jsWalter at torres.ws
Mon Apr 12 03:26:48 CDT 2004

OK, I'm back again.

Its late (or early!) and my brain is mush.

I have 2 tables, COMPANYT and CONTACTs

CONTACT has a foreign key to tie records to a particular record in COMPANY.

I'm trying to build a list of lists...

    Sears - Sam
    Sears - George
    Sears - Sally

    Wards - Henry
    Wards - Sue

    Kmart - Mike


The query I have...

       SELECT stations.st_id, stations.st_name,
              contacts.con_id, contacts.con_name

         FROM stations, contacts

        WHERE stations.st_id = contacts.st_id

     ORDER BY stations.st_name;

...returns every CONTACT tied to every COMPANY. Not what I'm looking for...

If I remove the WHERE clause, the CONTACTs are tied to their proper COMPANY,
but the "orphaned" COMPANYs do not show up.

Can any one enlighten me on this?



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