[thelist] Difference Between Versions

Phillip M. Vector phillipmvector at comcast.net
Mon Apr 12 08:15:43 CDT 2004

This code is supposto take each characters id and count how 
many resource levels are stored on the table (I wanted to put 
a number quanity there, but the processing was making my brain hurt).

Then it applies it to a formula and adds money to their 
account every day.

I have CFMX installed on my machine here and the following 
works great.

My server I actually run the page from keeps giving everyone 
the same amount (It looks like the level of the last 
character checked).

So ... What do I need to change to get it to work with CF5?


<cfquery datasource="A6261_main_test" name="Richpeople"> 
select DISTINCT Character_ID from Table_Backgrounds where 
Name = 'Resources'

<cfloop Query="richpeople">

<cfquery datasource="A6261_main_test" name="resources"> 
select Character_ID from Table_Backgrounds where Name = 
'Resources' AND Character_ID=#richpeople.Character_id#

<cfset total = (((((#resources.recordcount# * 
500)-498+(#randrange(0,6)#)-3)) *#days#)+ #character.moneyinbank#)>

<cfquery datasource="A6261_main_test">
update Table_Character
SET Moneyinbank = #total#, Last_Updated = 
#createodbcdate(now())# Where Character_ID=#resources.Character_id#


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