[thelist] ASP: 2 different charsets on same page?

Sam Carter scforum at iness.com
Tue Apr 13 07:48:26 CDT 2004

Ok, I did a little more brain storming here, and came up with the idea of
adding an iframe to the page and having the content of the iframe encoded as
the ISO-2022-JP charset. This works, but its not ideal because it screws up
the design a bit.</>


I tried (but couldn't) solve the problem you mentioned below when I was
developing a Japanese language version of our web-based course.  Your
solution sounds imaginative, and I'd like to see a page rendered using that
technique if you will share a URL.

I ended up writing our pages in UTF-8 which solved the problem and met our
needs.  I don't speak or read Japanese, but UTF-8 seemed to satisfy our
Japanese customers, in fact, they build their own web pages using UTF-8.  I
was left wondering what benefit Shift-JIS brings that UTF-8 does not?  

Sam Carter
Native Intelligence, Inc.


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