[thelist] [mac os x] new to mac, looking for good php editor

Eduardo Dominguez lalo at teligens.com
Tue Apr 13 10:37:17 CDT 2004

I finally decided to give Apple a chance and bought myself an ibook. I 
mostly do PHP coding and haven't so far found a good PHP editor. I did 
some googling and searched the archives but failed to find any 
interesting recommendations.

Somebody recommended me bbedit, which I have installed but honestly 
haven't given it a thorough look.

It would be ideal if the editor had function completion, customizable 
colors and grep style searches. If there only was Visual Slick Edit for 
Mac Os X :(

Any recommendations on PHP editors ? (or if you don't know about editors 
but want to recommend me some must-have mac os x software, please do).

thanks in advance

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