[thelist] cfsearch of a path returns no results

Chris Hayes chris at londonweb.net
Tue Apr 13 11:44:35 CDT 2004

Can you post the code you are using for  (cfcollection,) cfindex and

It should be a No-Brainer.. which could be your problem, try removing your
brain :)

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Subject: [thelist] cfsearch of a path returns no results

> I'm working on what I thought would be a simple search function for an
> almost entirely static HTML site. I'm trying to use <cfsearch> to search
> the .html files in a directory, but the search doesn't return any
> results. I created the collection, and when I indexed it (either using
> code or in CF admin), I got no errors. I am simply getting no search
> results whatsoever. There's definitely files in there containing the key
> words I've tried, so I'm stumped!
> I tried searching Google and the MM forums for a clue to my problem, but
> didn't come up with anything relevant. Does anyone have an idea of
> something else I can try that might help me to solve this problem? Thanks!
> Sarah
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