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Maisha Walker maisha at e-vent.org
Tue Apr 13 22:17:24 CDT 2004


The includes work when I view the page on the server, but not when I view
them locally.  When I view locally I can see the main file, but it doesn't
show the included HTML.  I am on a Win98 PC using IE.

Does anyone have tips on how to allow me to get the includes to work


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I'm trying to "include" a navigation file in another file.  I have three

1. Is it possible to do this using regular HTML?  Most of the tutorials I
found on google seem to be talking about doing this within cgi programs.

2. Do I have to give the main file and the navigation file to be included a
special extension? One tutorial indicated that I have to name the mainfile
with ".shtml" extension.

3. Is this the right format: <!--#include virtual="mainnav.html" -->

Any suggestions or direction to a tutorial for doing includes in HTML would
be most appreciated!

Many thanks,

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