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michael ensor edc at wnc.quik.co.nz
Tue Apr 13 22:05:23 CDT 2004

I assume that your server is Apache, but to get the includes to operate on
your local machine you would need to install Apache on it ( and configure
the same as your server to avoid a few gotchas ).

To answer your original queries:
1. Is it possible to do this using regular HTML?  Most of the tutorials I
found on google seem to be talking about doing this within cgi programs.
> includes are server side and if running Apache you should also look at
extended server side includes which allow some useful functionality

2. Do I have to give the main file and the navigation file to be included a
special extension? One tutorial indicated that I have to name the mainfile
with ".shtml" extension.
> this depends on your server configuration, again assuming Apache, it can
be configured to parse .html as .shtml. There is a slight degradation in
speed but not noticeable for practical purposes.

3. Is this the right format: <!--#include virtual="mainnav.html" -->
> yes





Note also that PHP uses includes and has more functionality that XSSI.....

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