[thelist] setting up and identity file to scp between boxes

Magnus Østergaard magnus at slackware.adsl.dk
Wed Apr 14 03:56:06 CDT 2004

Dan McCullough said:
> Need some help in setting up an identity file so I can scp backup files
> off of one box onto the storage box.  The storage box is offsite.

man ssh

The user creates his/her RSA key pair by running ssh-keygen(1).  This
stores the private key in $HOME/.ssh/identity and the public key in
$HOME/.ssh/identity.pub in the user's home directory.  The user should
then copy the identity.pub to $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys in his/her home
directory on the remote machine

The key is called id_xxx.pub for protocol version 2 of SSH.

If you don't set a password, you should be able to use scp in a backup
script with no problem.

// Magnus

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