[thelist] win2k terminal services problem

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Wed Apr 14 05:37:08 CDT 2004

Good day to all,

I've googled around two days now with no joy, so I'm hoping somebody 
here could help me with my problem.

I've been asked to administer a W2K server, and I've done that before 
using terminal services without any problems. But now I'm using Win XP 
home, and connect to TS with remote desktop. All is fine, execpt one 
small but very, very annoying thing: windows explorer refuses to show me 
the folder pane. Or to be more precise, it shows it, but all grey... 
There's the bar with 'X' at the right to close the pane, but nothing 
else. Search, history, etc. panes show up all right. If after using them 
I try to view folders, then I get the previous pane instead of folders.

Very many thanks,

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