[thelist] Text Editor (IDE)

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Apr 14 06:51:56 CDT 2004

What are your needs? And what type of development are you doing?

For ASP.Net I don't think you can go by Visual Studio.Net (either the
released version, or the current alpha if you want intellisense for
single-page files, or the new code-beside model). VS.Net offers region
collapsing, easy navigation to defined routines, intellisense, debugging,
VSS integration etc, but only for .Net Framework languages. Just don't use
the visual designer as it's pretty useless.

Visual Interdev 6 offers features like debugging if you're doing Classic ASP
developmnet, but doesn't offer region collapsing.


From: "Adriano Castro" <ad at netvisao.pt>
Subject: [thelist] Text Editor (IDE)

:     What's your text editor of choice?
:     What special features has it got and what programming and markup
: languages does it support?
:     I've used, amongst others, Dreamweaver, UltraEdit, plain old notepad
: and VIM [all mainly for (X)HTML, CSS and JavaScript]. However I can't
: say I'm fully satisfied with any of the above.
:     I've tried other solutions for ASP and PHP and found great features on
: it I'd like to see on other IDEs. One of the features I'd like to have
: is the possibility to group a specific block of code/markup and expand
: and collapse it. Anyone?

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