[thelist] Input Text Field Widths on Pocket PCs

WL Murray warren at digital-crossroads.com
Wed Apr 14 07:24:37 CDT 2004

I'm currently working on a project requiring web design for mobile purposes (Pocket PC).  For the past few days, I am dumbfounded that the input text fields are not responding to the width assigned to it in CSS specified in an external stylesheet on the Pocket PC; However in the browser, they appear as they should.  I need help repairing this problem.

Here it is:

It's a JSP application.  We specify the width and font in a CSS various classes depending on widths needed.  Here are the sample of classes:

input, textarea, select { color: #203868; font-family: Verdana; font-size: 11px;}
.form5NumDisabled { background: #DEDEDE; margin-left: 10px; text-align: right; width: 42px;}
.form10 { margin-left: 10px; width: 84px;}
.form20 { margin-left: 10px; width: 168px;}

We are using JSP, so the actual jsp has the following code:
<myapp:money  property="timesheet.hours4" styleClass="form5NumDisabled" readonly="true" />

Which actually is displayed in the browser like this:
<input value="0"  class="form5NumDisabled" tabindex="-1" readonly="readonly" >

All input text fields are the same size on the Pocket PC regardless of the classes assigned to them.

What I'm doing wrong?  Is there something else I should consider?  How can I repair this problem?

A many times thanks in advance for your help in resolving this problem.


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