[thelist] JS Calculator - Serious Help Needed

Casey Crookston casey at thecrookstons.com
Wed Apr 14 10:44:59 CDT 2004

Hello List,

Disclaimer up front:  I am well versed in server side scripting, but my
JavaScript skill are down right non-existant.  I need some help on a little
project, and I'd like to enlist the services of some of the JS wise-people
on this list.  This is not just a one-email project.  I expect this thread,
due to my ignornace, will last a while.  Thanks in advance to those who
help.  Perhaps when this is done I'll owe someone a gift certificate to
their favoritre resturaunt.  Serious.

Take a look at: http://www.thecrookstons.com/roi/calc.html

The client is a small online marketing firm.  The project is a simple
calulator which helps clients & visitors calculate the cost of customer
acquisition.  The first thing I need to to is this:  As a user selects a
function from the drop-down list, the text 'Input 1' and 'Input 2' changes.

User chooses 'Conversion Rate' and text changes to 'Number of Sales per
Month' and 'Number of Visitors per Month'.

Let's start here.  When some kind soul helps me get to this point I think I
can go a ways by myself.

Thanks again,


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