[thelist] AOL FTP Server

Raditha Dissanayake jabber at raditha.com
Wed Apr 14 11:18:14 CDT 2004

Rob Smith wrote:

>I've heard about this and wondered myself why and how to get around
>uploading to AOL's web server outside AOL.
>Error: "550 Only "incoming" directories are guest writable"
That means only designated directories (the onces starting with 
/incoming/ in the path names) are writable for guest users  - aka 
anonymous FTP.

>According to some folks, and AOL tech support, you HAVE to use AOL software
>to upload your files. Beyond the fact that this adds to my list of things
>why I hate AOL, how to do you upload with standard FPT software?
If it's FTP there is an RFC for that and 'standard' clients will be able 
to talk to 'standard' servers.

>host name: members.aol.com
>username: anonymous
>password: someonesemail at aol.com
>I see from this sample login that anyone can get to someone's aol account
>and download anything they wanted.
Nopes! this username is anonymous and you can use any email address as 
password. Anymous is really only one account on the ftp server to which 
anyone can login. Anyone who is not listed in the banned IP or banner 
email address list. This is a standard service provided by large ISPs, 
universities and open source file repositories.

unless the server is misconfigured you are most definitely not 
downloading someone else's files.

>Man AOL is bass ackwards on a bunch of things!


>Rob Smith

Raditha Dissanayake.
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