[thelist] JS Calculator - Serious Help Needed

Casey Crookston casey at thecrookstons.com
Wed Apr 14 11:18:40 CDT 2004

With the help of google I've found a starting place.


Right now I'm just trying to change html text based on a dropdown menu
selection.  I'll keep looking and learning, but if anyone has a shortcut...


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> Hello List,
> Disclaimer up front:  I am well versed in server side scripting, but my
> JavaScript skill are down right non-existant.  I need some help on a
> project, and I'd like to enlist the services of some of the JS wise-people
> on this list.  This is not just a one-email project.  I expect this
> due to my ignornace, will last a while.  Thanks in advance to those who
> help.  Perhaps when this is done I'll owe someone a gift certificate to
> their favoritre resturaunt.  Serious.
> Take a look at: http://www.thecrookstons.com/roi/calc.html
> The client is a small online marketing firm.  The project is a simple
> calulator which helps clients & visitors calculate the cost of customer
> acquisition.  The first thing I need to to is this:  As a user selects a
> function from the drop-down list, the text 'Input 1' and 'Input 2'
> User chooses 'Conversion Rate' and text changes to 'Number of Sales per
> Month' and 'Number of Visitors per Month'.
> Let's start here.  When some kind soul helps me get to this point I think
> can go a ways by myself.
> Thanks again,
> Casey
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