[thelist] JS Calculator - Serious Help Needed

alex beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Wed Apr 14 11:32:45 CDT 2004


>  The project is a simple
>calulator which helps clients & visitors calculate the cost of customer
>acquisition.  The first thing I need to to is this:  As a user selects a
>function from the drop-down list, the text 'Input 1' and 'Input 2' changes.
>User chooses 'Conversion Rate' and text changes to 'Number of Sales per
>Month' and 'Number of Visitors per Month'.
 ok what you do in your .js file is to set the variable that comes in 
from the form.

first you gather info and validate;

var fieldn = document.forms[0].elements[n];

(remember to include / skip  hidden fields!)

eg something like:
var dropdown = document.forms[0].elements[0];
var field1 = document.forms[0].elements[1];
var field2 = document.forms[0].elements[2];

if (dropdown.value==""){
        alert("choose a value");
        return false ;


if ( isNaN(field1.value) ) {
      alert( "You have non numerical characters - please enter a number  
" );
      return false ;

you go through for each form element. and if comes through you return a 
true .

now you know you have usable values  you can start to calculate

if (dropdown.value ==  "conversion rate")
    // set the operator / function to use
if (dropdown.value ==  "cost per vistor")
    // set the operator / function to use

then your function works on field1.value and field2.value and you send 
the output to a text box called  output / result with


so to rap up,  you do this in your <head>:

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript" src="yourcode.js" type="text/javascript"> 

then you call on your html a function called calculate:

<input type="button" value="Calculate" onclick="calculate();">

on the first line of the calculate function you first

 if( validate()){

// do calculation

then output to the form element called ouput:

  <input name="output" size="8"   >

ofcourse nothing can be put into the output box until the validator is 

hope that helps



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