[thelist] The War on Sp*m

Chris Hayes chris at londonweb.net
Wed Apr 14 12:26:59 CDT 2004


An increase in spam is most likely down to  new spammers having got your
email address.

I have never had much spam. Then my ISP installed server-wide anti-spam
measures.  Now I spend a lot of time hunting down the legitimate messages
which get blocked.  I get kicked from evolt every month or so due to
excessive bounces.  So I am a bit miffed about it but overall the mail
servers are a lot better than they were.

I've heard Spambayes is very successful at eliminating spam, but can be
processor intensive.

Chris - War On Sp*m Victim

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> Has anyone else seen a huge increase in the amount of spam in the last
> couple weeks? I'm now receiving on average 2 spam mails for every real
> I receive. And of course less than half of these are currently being
> up by spam assassin, which is what is installed by default on my server.
> Has anyone else used any of the other services for filtering out spam with
> any success? Death2Spam, or K9? Any other suggestions of something that
> works?
> Fed up!!
> Jeniffer
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