[thelist] Writing an Apache Module ..in Java?

Carl Edwards edwards at vitesse.com
Wed Apr 14 13:07:27 CDT 2004


I don't know about doing a native module in Java but
there are lots of modules that let you use an external
to the web server authentication scheme.

Here are two from the 89 hits a search for "auth" on
modules.apache.org returned:



A search for "java" revealed these:


  This one should let you export REMOTE_USER

Good luck,
-Carl Edwards

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>  Ok, this is a stab in the dark..  I think I know the answer, 
>  but thought
>  maybe some remote experts could confirm...
>  Is it possible to write an Apache module in Java?
>  Fact: I have a Java object which provides authentication 
>  utility. This
>  object being Java is, unfortunately, non-negotiable. It's 
>  developed using
>  some proprietary, commercial Java-only crypto libraries. 
>  Good or bad, that
>  is a fact of life here, and reverse-engineering is also not 
>  an option.
>  .
>  .
>  .

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