[thelist] ASP: FileSystemObject.FileExists

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Wed Apr 14 17:31:25 CDT 2004

At 03:06 PM 4/14/2004, Monique Angelich wrote:
>As a note for anyone reading this thread for reference later, the folder 
>the image resides in must have full read/write permissions for all users 
>for the filesystem object to read the files in that directory, which 
>usually includes a simple "does this exist"

The FileSystem Object runs as the Web Service account (normally 
"IUSR_<MachineName>"). If that account has read access, then doing a 
FileExists should be kosher. Obviously, unless that account has more 
permissions than that (read/write/modify or full control) for the target 
directory, the web account will not be able to write to that directory.

The biggest gotcha I always see is people not allowing read/write/modify on 
the directory AND an Access file. Normally they only have it on the Access 
file. Since Access requires a lock file, you need to have more permissions 
on the directory itself where the Access file resides to create the lock file.

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