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Stuart Young syoung at unitec.ac.nz
Wed Apr 14 19:06:53 CDT 2004


> 2. Do I have to give the main file and the navigation file to be included a
> special extension? One tutorial indicated that I have to name the mainfile
> with ".shtml" extension.

The main file has to be .shtml, .shtm, .stm (unless you fiddle with server configuration as other posters said). The included file can be anything you want.

> 3. Is this the right format: <!--#include virtual="mainnav.html" -->

Yes, but only if mainnav.html is in the root directory of the server. there is also:
<!--#include file="mainnav.html" --> which works for included files in the same directory.

> Any suggestions or direction to a tutorial for doing includes 

    * Server Side Includes Tutorial, http://www.carleton.ca/~dmcfet/html/ssi.html
    * Apache's Introduction to Server Side Includes, http://httpd.apache.org/docs/howto/ssi.html
    * Server Side Includes, http://bignosebird.com/ssi.shtml 

> Does anyone have tips on how to allow me to get the includes to work
> locally?

Install a personal web server. The whole point of Server Side Includes is that they only work on a web server.
A very easy PWS that supports SSI is:


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