[thelist] how to connect to MSDE SQL Server?

Paul Bennett paul at clicksave.co.nz
Wed Apr 14 21:59:19 CDT 2004

Ken Schaefer wrote:

>b) SQL Server has two authentication modes. Integrated Windows, and Mixed
>Mode (Integrated Windows + SQL Server). Microsoft is pushing Integrated
>Windows Authentication, rather than Mixed Mode (which will soon become a
>legacy feature).
As an aside, I had this problem connecting to SQL Server from a *nix box 
about a year ago. The business owner had to switch to mixed-mode 
security from windows authentication otherwise we could not get access 
to the data. (We used FreeTDS to communicate between machines) Would 
making mixed-mode security a legacy feature mean that MS is forcing 
people to use Windows-only machines to connect o sql server boxes? Or 
could it still be done with other OS's?

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