[thelist] win2k terminal services problem

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Thu Apr 15 02:04:36 CDT 2004


> I can't say that I've seen this before.
> Somethings that may help pinpoint the source of the problem: 
> a) What SP level is the Windows 2000 Server?


> b) Anything in the Windows Event Log on the server?

No. There was an error, when the server failed to install my default 
printer (PDF writer), but no longer, as I unchecked the box for using 
local printers (no other local device used either).

> c) Does this happen if you use a different RDP client?

At the moment I have only the one that comes with XP home. But I have 
accessed the same box bit over a year ago with W2K pro's TS client with 
no problems.

One thing that just might have something to do with it is, that my XP 
home is Spanish version. (BTW, good way to learn a new language...)

> d) Does this happen if you logon interactively at the console?

I have no physical access to the box, it can be reached only remotely.

> : I've been asked to administer a W2K server, and I've done 
> : that before using terminal services without any problems. But 
> : now I'm using Win XP home, and connect to TS with remote 
> : desktop. All is fine, execpt one small but very, very annoying 
> : thing: windows explorer refuses to show me 
> : the folder pane. Or to be more precise, it shows it, but all grey... 
> : There's the bar with 'X' at the right to close the pane, but nothing 
> : else. Search, history, etc. panes show up all right.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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