[thelist] win2k terminal services problem

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Thu Apr 15 02:42:29 CDT 2004

Windows XP already includes this - no need to download it separately. It's
been renamed to "Remote Desktop Connection"

No ActiveX controls or blah, blah.


From: "Richard Harb" <rharb at earthling.net>
Subject: Re: [thelist] win2k terminal services problem

: Off list ...
: Hi,
: I haven't been admin for win2k for a while but ...
: There used to be a Terminal Service Client that worked pretty well
: I have no idea whether this little app might be already included in
: winXP but on win2k it worked extremely well for me ... it was a small
: download (about 2-3 MB) from Microssoft.
: as it's a single small app designed to connect to the term services
: maybe that might eliminate a layer of insecurity (in terms of -
: everything ok with activeX controls in IE etc).
: just a quick shot ...
: Richard
: Wednesday, April 14, 2004, 12:37:08 PM, you wrote:
: > Good day to all,
: > I've googled around two days now with no joy, so I'm hoping somebody
: > here could help me with my problem.
: > I've been asked to administer a W2K server, and I've done that before
: > using terminal services without any problems. But now I'm using Win XP
: > home, and connect to TS with remote desktop. All is fine, execpt one
: > small but very, very annoying thing: windows explorer refuses to show me
: > the folder pane. Or to be more precise, it shows it, but all grey...
: > There's the bar with 'X' at the right to close the pane, but nothing
: > else. Search, history, etc. panes show up all right. If after using them
: > I try to view folders, then I get the previous pane instead of folders.
: > Very many thanks,
: > .kasimir

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