[thelist] Free procmail tip regarding ISO type in subject on spamemails.

Monique Angelich listmail at devedia.com
Thu Apr 15 05:39:05 CDT 2004

--------- Quote:
those cleaver spammers are sending the encoded versions of strings as 
the subjects to avoid simple filtering.
--------- end quote

Those devious folks are also using non-english letters (ie Átkíns or the §oùth beaçh dïet) and dashes in between the words (ie. v-i-a-g-r-a), misspellings and all sorts of other tricks to bypass the filters we can think up. 

These were copied out of the spam I received within the last five minutes. *sigh*

So how does one write a filter for an email like this one?

Email Quote------------------
I just found a place ónl¡ne that has the gënerìc version of vìâgra for a lot chéáper than getting it from a US phârmâcy. No préscrìptions needed or nécessâry.
All Ordérs Backéd By Our 100%,30 Dãy, Monéy Ba¢k Guarántêe! Sh¡ppéd discrëetly worldwidé. Your easy-to-use solution is herechéápest sûpér vïagrá (Cìális) is here
------------------end email quote

I would be interested to know if anyone's spam filter grabbed this email... but I don't think THEY will know it was blocked?

--- Monique

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