[thelist] making the move from php to asp

Brian Cummiskey Brian at hondaswap.com
Thu Apr 15 07:56:51 CDT 2004

Hello all,

I got a promotion at work, and will be moving from our network/systems 
team to the development team.  I'm a php programmer by default, and 
never really used asp, but the whole office is in asp and has little 
desire to change. 
No big deal, and my boss realizes that I have limited asp experience.
I've read books and some tutorials, but what I'm looking for is a 
tutorial or some examples of making the jump from php to asp.  The 
programming side of things is not what i'm worried about- rather, all 
this COM, ADO, and other technologies that really don't have a direct 
equivilent in php.

Can anyone offer some links or suggestions?

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