[thelist]Is this real?

Sarah Sweeney mr.sanders at designshift.com
Thu Apr 15 09:46:45 CDT 2004

>>Get a domain name of your own and when you need to use email address in
>>a situation where it is exposed for harvesters (or other vulnerable
>>situations), use a name associated with that situation.
> Great tip.
> It's what I've been doing for years.
> Really helps track your email address across the net. That way you find out
> who is selling to whom.
> <snip>
> But then again, many users don't have that level of access to their
> accounts.

For these people who don't have enough access to their email accounts, 
SpamGourmet is a great option: http://www.spamgourmet.com. It allows you 
to create email addresses on-the-fly, specifically for each account you 
sign up for on the web, or for whatever other purpose you require. It 
has lots of other great options you *really* should check out, if you 
need this kind of service.

Personally, I use SpamGourmet for any account I need to create online, 
except for stuff like thelist, where I send and receive a lot of 
messages. For these, I have created a separate "mailing list" account. 
That way, if my mailing list email address does get harvested and the 
spam level gets out of hand, I can just destroy that account and create 
a new one. Which I actually just did a couple of days ago - just in time 
for it to get harvested by this NADmedia thing :-S


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