[thelist] Free procmail tip regarding ISO type in subject on spamemails.

Douglas Livingstone Evolt at neuance.net
Thu Apr 15 18:13:29 CDT 2004

On Thu, 15 Apr 2004 18:56:17 -0400, Seyon <evolt at delime.com> wrote:

> Message from Douglas Livingstone (4/16/2004 12:43 AM)
>>> So how does one write a filter for an email like this one?
>> How about having two (or three account) listed together on a webpage, 
>> and let them attract spam, and then when spam does arrive, assume that 
>> the save, or a very similar message will arrive on both, and if so, 
>> then block both (or all three or whatever).
> I'm sorry. Huh?

> Email Quote------------------
> I just found a place ónl¡ne that has the gënerìc version of vìâgra for a 
> lot chéáper than getting it from a US phârmâcy. No préscrìptions needed 
> or nécessâry.
> All Ordérs Backéd By Our 100%,30 Dãy, Monéy Ba¢k Guarántêe! Sh¡ppéd 
> discrëetly worldwidé. Your easy-to-use solution is herechéápest sûpér 
> vïagrá (Cìális) is here
> ------------------end email quote

If you get this exact email to three different email accounts 
(spamcheck1 at domain.com, spamcheck2 at domain.com, spamcheck3 at domain.com) then 
you can be quite sure that they are spam, in which case you can block that 
same email from your main accounts. Just put the three email addresses up 
on the same webpage or whatever so that the same bot will get all three 
emails together, so will theoretically send the same spam message to all 

Hopefully more clear.


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