[thelist] Adapting MS SQL query to MySQL

Maximillian Schwanekamp anaxamaxan at neptunewebworks.com
Fri Apr 16 05:00:10 CDT 2004

>In this case, why can't you just do two INNER JOINS?

You are right.  I should have used a more realistic example - my real
problem is when the subqueries use an aggregate function, such as the
following (which is itself actually a subquery of a larger left join).
SELECT cr.courseid, cr.rating, sx.examcount
	SELECT round(avg(rating),2) AS rating, courseid
	FROM CourseRatings
	GROUP BY courseid
) cr
	SELECT count(studentexamid) AS examcount, courseid
	FROM studentexams
	WHERE credithours>0
	GROUP BY courseid
	HAVING count(studentexamid)>2
) sx
ON cr.courseid = sx.courseid

I know this is not valid for MySQL 4.0 and below (4.1 reportedly supports
this syntax, but that's still in Alpha).  Any thoughts on how to adapt this
to MySQL?

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