[thelist] making the move from php to asp

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Fri Apr 16 08:19:54 CDT 2004

From: "Stephen Caudill" <SCaudill at municode.com>
Subject: RE: [thelist] making the move from php to asp

: : - uses () for arrays and functions (something(4)... is it an
:   array, is it a function, is it a sub... I dunno)
: :
: There are well established standards for naming in the VB world.

There are well established syntactic standards in almost every other
language in the world. It involves using brackets for arrays. Makes
scanning down the page visually much easier.  Naming standards be

You mean C based languages? VB is not like "any other language". And VB
works - how many millions of VB developers are out there?

What your saying is a bit like "cars that have the driver's seat on the
right are dumb. Most cars in the world have the driver's seat on the left.
Local road rules be dammed". You can't take naming conventions out of VB -
they are "part" of using the language. The naming conventions make VB easy
to read, in the same way that you think [] makes code in other languages
look easy to read.

: Well, this is why Microsoft released ASP.Net more than 2 years
: ago...
: I don't understand why anyone would start a new project now
: utilising Classic ASP
Ah... Perhaps because we don't want to force a honking huge runtime
download on our end users?

BZZT - ASP.NET involves no client-side runtime - it runs entirely on the

In any case, the runtime is a whole 17 MB.

: Maybe because .NET has only just reached
: a modicum of maturity?

Interesting. ASP.NET was more than 5 years in the making, runs some of the
world's biggest sites, and is on track to overtake Java-based sites:

We can debate the level of "maturity", but there's more than "a modicum"

: Maybe because we have theological differences with the language?

BZZT - ASP.NET isn't a "language". There are over 25 CLS compliant languages
you can choose from for developing ASP.Net applications.

: Maybe because we don't like the Forms-Based design
: that the IDE makes so darn condusive?

ASP.NET has an IDE?!?

Could I suggest that you get a clue before you post something like this in a
place where you'd be seriously ridiculed?


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