[thelist] making the move from php to asp

Stephen Caudill SCaudill at municode.com
Fri Apr 16 09:26:21 CDT 2004

--------------- Ken Schaefer wrote: --------------- 

: language. The naming conventions make VB easy to read, in the
: same way that you think [] makes code in other languages look
: easy to read. 

I said easy to visually scan.  Reading and scanning[1] are two
very different things.  Amidst thousands of lines of code, a set 
of brackets tends to stick out.  Much more so than:

xmlInputArray() vs. xmlTransform()
lets give it a head to head:
xmlInputArray[] vs. xmlTransform()

Here's another exercise.  Take the last couple of paragraphs as
an excercise. Unfocus your eyes slightly and tell me that it's
not a simple matter to weed out the brackets from the rest of 
the swaddling text. Most text, including the standard monospace
fonts which tend to be used in coding, is curved and an angular
character (for me, at the least) just sticks out.
: BZZT - ASP.NET involves no client-side runtime - it runs entirely
: on the server.

Granted. (I was thinking of .NET windows Apps, which are prone to
version corruption as the runtime is updated. [2])
: In any case, the runtime is a whole 17 MB.

Not everyone[3] has the luxury of a fat pipe to download over. 17MB
on dialup is an eternity.
: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
:: Maybe because we have theological differences with the language?
: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
: BZZT - ASP.NET isn't a "language". There are over 25 CLS
: compliant languages you can choose from for developing ASP.Net
: applications. 

Ah, sweet semantics. Here, you err in the same way so many 
literalists have before. Pray you take the meaning and not the 
letter.  ASP.NET was used as an umbrella term for all languages
operating under its Common Language Runtime.  Would your prefer
I list each CLS compliant language everytime I refer to it?
: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
:: Maybe because we don't like the Forms-Based design
:: that the IDE makes so darn condusive?
: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
: ASP.NET has an IDE?!?

I believe the accepted, professional choice of IDE's for developing
in the ASP.NET CLR is Visual Studio .NET.  Heard of it?  I'm also
aware you can write .NET in notepad. Does this constitute an IDE?
: Could I suggest that you get a clue before you post something
: like this in a place where you'd be seriously ridiculed?

"Here there be trolls"

And here, Ken, is where you simply become small and offensive.
Can I suggest you keep a civil tongue in your head?

I am hardly interested in getting into a Religious debate about 
who's language is better. This thread began with someone asking about
the migration from PHP to ASP. I merely offered some of the things
which might annoy a developer who was coming from a C based language.

The flames began to spread when someone made the following comment:
: "I don't understand why anyone would start a new project now utilising
: Classic ASP"
When there are any myriad of reasons why a solitary individual might not
make that transition. 

Mine Being:

"I just don't like it." So nyah!


[1] http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?scan (2.b.)
[2] http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/PleaseLinker.html (¶ 4)
[3] http://www.websiteoptimization.com/bw/0403/

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