[thelist] is there ECMA-262 in CHM/HTML

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Fri Apr 16 10:35:07 CDT 2004

>> So far I've managed to find ECMA-262 only in PDF-format 
>> I would love to have it in CHM, or at least HTML, does anyone know where
>> I could find this?

> As always google is your friend, as part of their service they offer a 
> link to display any PDF results as html.

While this is html, it's not quite what I was looking for. In CHM files 
I like the content and index side panels. In absence of CHM, I could do 
framed HTML, content and index in one frame and the document itself in 

Unfortunately the HTML that Google produces is not very 'clean', but 
rather laborous to process further. For example, each line of text is 
within its own <div>.

I can save the PDF document from Acrobat as RTF. Then I unfortunately 
loose some formating, and to make a nice HTML document would again be a 
lot of work.

It would be nice to have, because ECMA 262 is more precise than 
For example, have a look at:
and then


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