[thelist] CF man needs ASP XML help

Scott Dexter dexilalolai at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 16 13:27:13 CDT 2004

> The  sError line "works" if I remove innerText, but then
> response.write
> sError gives an error that it hasn't been set.

This is a good thing. It means the XPath query works and you're
grabbing the node. Without the .InnerText, the method returns an
object of type node (IXMLDOMNode to be precise), which needs a Set in
front of it to work in VBScript:

Set oError = xmlDOMDOC.documentelement.selectSingleNode("...")

> I'll continue to play but if you can spot the obvious, please
> shout.


um, there's no .InnerText property. I'm a dolt, and used the wrong
docs. try ".nodeValue" instead ... 


Sorry for the confusion,

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