[thelist] The War on Sp*m

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 16 13:33:57 CDT 2004

--- Various Posts about Spam and how apps to deal with it

I must plug Yahoo! Mail for this very reason. I've been using it now
for a couple years and it handles spam *very* well. I'd say between
what it filters out on its own and my rules I set, 98% of all spam
goes into my "bulk email" folder. 

On a typical day, I'll open it up in the morning and have say 60
messages (mainly from lists like this one). 

In my bulk email there will be 30 messages, all spam. There *might*
be ONE spam message in my inbox, but rarely does that happen. There
might be one regular message in my bulk email box. So I do a quick
scan before I mass delete them.

All in all its a good system. It has the other benefit of not
worrying about email when you change your ISP. I'm surprised its
worked out this well to be honest. 

If you go with the plus feature, you can also make as many "address
guard" emails as you want, and just toss em when you are done. When I
have a one-off thing I want, I do that - or if I am suspicious of a
site in any way. You can always change your account registration
later. That works really well.

No, I don't work for Yahoo! but what works, works.

My .02


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