[thelist] Accessibility, alt, and title

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 16 13:48:02 CDT 2004

We're finishing up a big redesign of a site and I have a bit of a
snag. I'm all for accessibility and I want to do things right. So
here's the problem: The browsers handle what displays in the "tip"
when you mouse over an image with a HREF.

Test Case:

You have this <a href="foo" title="Click Me!"><img ... alt="Man
laying on grass" /></a>

In Gecko based browsers you will see the title -> "Click Me!"
In IE5-6 you will see the alt text -> "Man laying on grass"

Opera completely borks it and shows some nebulous HREF - who cares.

Now, if I remove the TITLE - then NOTHING shows up in Gecko.

The issue is the "folks in charge" want an informational message to
show up in the tip - like "click me" or "special offer blah blah".

But that can seeminly only be accomplished in IE - the dominant
browser and the one they really care about - by *improperly* using
the ALT tag. 

Does anyone know of a workaround here or do I just abuse the ALT tag
and the Gecko users get nothing?


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